Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Guess I'm A Peach Now

Oh Blogger, how I've missed you. 

Well boys and girls I made it Georgia...with only a few mishaps along the way.  I began journey from Texas to Georgia bright and early Monday morning.  Well, actually is was pretty cloudy and grey out so I guess it wasn't so bright...but whatever it was early.  I made it to somewhere in Louisiana before I had any incidents.  I was driving along and heard a weird sound, like metal being run over.  Hmm, I thought I had run over something, or something fell off of my beloved car.  I was correct in both cases.  My front license plate leaped off my front bumper and commited was sad.  So then I had a dilemma, do I go back or do I just say screw it and keep driving?  I opted to go back for it.  Probably not the safest thing I've ever done, but I didn't want to get a ticket for not having the damn thing.  In TX it's a law that you have to have a front plate, I know in LA you aren't required to have one....but I wasn't sure about MS, AL, or GA and I didn't want to risk it. 
All went well for a few hundred more miles...well except extreme boredom had kicked in somewhere around the Mississippi state line.  It was at this point that I called practically everyone I know.  I interrupted people while they were in classes or at work.  You're welcome. 
Right around the Alabama/Georgia border my ass just fell off of my body.  I didn't go back for it.  I'm going to miss it.  Also I was beginning to worry that my knees would no longer function properly once I finally got out of the car.  I'm falling apart.
I damn near had a panic attack in Atlanta.  Seriously, you people drive like maniacs.  BUT I didn't get lost in Atlanta, which shocks me.  I swear every single time I've been to that city I have gotten lost somehow.  So at this point I'm only about an hour from my new home.  WooHoo!
FINALLY after what seemed like an eternity of driving I see the exit to Jefferson.  I think I shed a tear or two of joy.  I took the exit and then followed the directions that the navigation system lady gave me.  As it turns out she's a big fat liar and she sent me the wrong way.  I somehow ended up on a dirt road...I called my brother for directions...he didn't know where I was.  His solution?  For me to just sit there and he would drive around until he found didn't take him long, I was two streets down from his subdivision.  Really Bradley?!?  You don't know the names of these streets? 
When I get into the house my sister in law shoved a beer in my hand and told me it was time to party.  Outstanding.  Georgia is my new favorite place.