Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Nikita and I are both still trying to acclimate to the Denver altitude.  Nikita still seems to be living on East Coast time and wakes me at ridiculous hours in the morning to go outside.  I am a bit more lethargic than normal (unfortunately Kita doesn't seem to have this particular problem), and I can't handle alcohol here that well yet (this was proven Friday night, but I am not going to re-embarrass myself by telling that story).  Also, I am ALWAYS thirsty....does anyone know if altitude causes this?  All I know is I drink about a gallon of water a day now, and that is not normal for me.

I am currently in the midst of searching for a job.  I had a few interviews late last week, and have another set up for tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I had totally forgotten how stressful being unemployed and job hunting is.  Now, about this job search and in particular an interview I had Friday morning.  I went in, and talked to two different HR people with the company...both of the ladies I spoke to were very nice and I got along very well with them.  I did not leave feeling confident about the interview though.  Why you ask? Because they both mentioned the fact that I may not be "challenged" enough at the position.  I have two problems with this, the first being that it was a temporary (four month) position and honestly having a non-challenging job for a few months seemed kind of like a vacation to me (and I would have income while looking for my perfect dream job).  My second problem arose when HR lady #2 called me and informed me that they had chosen another candidate because I am "overqualified".  Umm really?  I wanted to tell her that I felt that I was overqualified to sit on the couch watching Oprah all day too.  Ok, not really Oprah I really can't stand her....but you know what I mean.  So anyway, the search continues.

Markus and I have many projects that we have been discussing.  I can't wait to get started on them!  One is a video blog uh vlog (?), another is a tshirt site, and last but certainly not least home-brewing beer.  Our major problems are coming from the video blog....we both seem to be idea people not onscreen talent.  Maybe we need start the brewing project first so we can have some liquid courage to enable us to be in front of the camera.  The tshirt site we already have, that was a project we started back in 2006 (or maybe 2007, I have no concept of time).  That project got pushed to the back burner when I moved back to TX because it just didn't seem to work with us being 1,000 miles apart.  We have a tendency to feed off of each other's humor and get our best ideas just hanging out being goofy.  Anyway, once we get everything going I'll give you all the details.

Here's Ducky & Munky at Denver Pride 2011:

*ducky hugs*